Our center is the first multidisciplinary clinic in Seoul National Hospital involving various departments; surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, rehabilitation medicine, plastic surgery, psychiatry, and pathology. The coordination between the departments has been well organized during last four years and our center became a good model of one-stop medical service. As a result of our efforts, the patients who visit our center are satisfied with the good quality of our treatment and more and more patients are visiting our center to relieve their fear and get the best qualified treatments.
The number of patients visiting our center has been continuously increasing since the opening of Breast Care Center. In 2007, a number of 36,697 outpatients visited our Breast Care Center and 1,006 patients were admitted for operation. With the continuous increasing in the number of outpatients visiting our center and the patients in need of the operation, we are confronted with the difficulties in accommodating the needs of patients qualitatively and quantitatively. Thus, the need for more organized hospital-based service is being raised.
Here in this small book, we record the course we have during the fourth year of our center. We tried to note down the descriptive statistical value of our clinical activities as well as the academic activities related to this center.
As the chief of this beautiful Breast Care Center, I promise that all members of our center will try to provide comprehensive service not only for the patients who are worrying about the possible problem and following surgery, but also for the patients who are concerned about their disease during and even after the treatment. Furthermore, I'm sure that Breast Care Center of Seoul National University Hospital will become one of the bests in the world in the near future.